3.4: Let’s practice! If-then relationships

In this activity you will have a chance to think about the if-then ordering for two examples of real
programs. Read the situation statement and then drag the items into the empty
spaces to depict a logical order of if-then relationships. At any time you can rearrange your
statements. Select “Submit” to check your answer with ours.

Situation 1

A nutrition education program for the elderly. A community needs assessment revealed that many elderly do not eat well. They report that it is difficult to get to the grocery store to purchase food, and to prepare meals on a regular basis. They do not understand the relationship between nutrition and health.

Situation 2

When a local utility company sought a conditional-use permit to construct wind turbines in Quietburg, a controversial public issue emerged. Some residents were in favor of the development while others adamantly opposed it. An initial needs-assessment identified seven major areas related to the issue that needed attention.

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