About this course

Welcome to the Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models course! This course introduces you to a holistic approach to planning and evaluating education and outreach programs. The expected course outcome:

  • Participants will have an understanding of logic models and their use in program planning and evaluation.

The course contains seven sections. Each section contains the following elements:

  • Section overview page
  • Content presentation pages
  • Practice activities to help you better understand the section content

You will sometimes find links to additional information. These links open in a new tab, so you won’t lose your place in the course.

Course sections

  1. What Is a Logic Model?
  2. More about Outcomes
  3. More about Your Program “Logic”
  4. What Does a Logic Model Look Like?
  5. How Do I Draw a Logic Model?
  6. How Good Is My Logic Model?
  7. Using Logic Models in Evaluation–Indicators and Measures


We recommend that you book mark the course home page for ease in returning to the course. It is best to come to this page and then navigate into the course to the point at which you want to begin working.

At the top of each screen is a series of linked text (called “breadcrumbs”) that will take you to the home page – with links to each of the sections, or to the section introduction – with links to each of the pages in that section.

The Previous and Next links at the bottom of the page will move you one page at a time.

In case you have questions

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