2.10: Let’s practice! Constructing an “Outcome Chain”

Try constructing an “outcome chain” for one of your own programs.

You can do this with pen and paper or in a word processing document. Space your list of outcomes so that you can cut it into pieces for each outcome and create your “chain” by moving the pieces around.

There are several ways to start:

  1. If you already have outcomes defined for your program, list the program’s outcomes. If your list includes many outcomes, delete those that are duplicates or seem insignificant.
  2. Or, start with any one outcome and think “what comes before, what comes after?”
  3. Or, think about the first change you expect to occur for participants, groups, or community. Remember the focus of your outcomes. If that occurs, then what change do you anticipate next?

Arrange the various outcomes in a sequence from short- to longer-term. Make sure they connect logically and you do not miss any links. Items that do not fit may not be outcomes or may not be relevant to your outcome chain.

This chain becomes part of your logic model – it is the outcome section within your logic model.

You may want to preserve this “chain of outcomes” by creating a graphical chain of boxes and arrows on paper or in an electronic document.

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