1.1: A Logic Model is a map

A Logic Model….

  • Is a simplified picture of a program, initiative, or intervention that is a response to a given situation. Many people compare a logic model with a roadmap showing how you plan to reach your destination.
  • Shows the logical relationships among the resources that are invested, the activities that take place, and the benefits or changes that result.
    • Some call this program theory (Wiess, 1998) or the program’s theory of action (Patton, 1997). It is a “plausible, sensible model of how a program is supposed to work.” (Bickman, 1987. p. 5)
    • It portrays the underlying rationale of the program or initiative. (Chen, Cato & Rainford 1998-9, Renger & Titcomb 2002)
  • Is the core of program planning, evaluation, program management, and communications.
    • Some think the logic model is only used in evaluation. We find it equally helpful for planning and program design, managing programs, and communicating.

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